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How it works
  1. Buy credits (0,5€=1 Bid)
  2. Bid on products and try to win.
  3. After winning you can buy the product.
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How does it work

BidFish offers products through live auctions for a give-away price. Place your bids wisely and BidFish may reward you with sensationally high price reductions. This is how it works:



Every auction starts with a price c.png of €0.00 and has a certain duration.



You can place your bid online e.png for every auction. For a normal auction one bid will reduce your credits by 1.
For a top deal one bid will reduce your credits by 4. You can also place your bid using a text message (€1.00 / text message) f.png



Each bid will increase the product price by 1 cent and the timer b.png will be placed back (usually 10 or 15 seconds) if the countdown had already started. The activity a.png will show you if there are a lot of bidders active.



When the timer stops the auction is closed. The last person who placed a bid d.png wins the auction and can buy the product for a give-away price.

The "Buy Now" option, when available, allows you to buy the auctioned product using 100%* of the value of the bids you have already spent in that auction. It gives you the option to purchase the product by paying the difference between the value of your spent bids in that auction and the product value. 

* 25% for the BidPack auctions.




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