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A private chef + butler for dinner...

Retail price: €299.00


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A private chef + butler for dinner...
Retail price:
€ 299.00
15 seconden
Auction start:
2019-05-15 21:37:00
End of auction not later than:
2019-08-15 21:37:00
Shipping costs:
€ 12.00

21:44:00u Scaniavriend1.26
21:43:53u Naxo1.25
21:43:46u Willemwint1.24
21:43:33u Naxo1.23
21:43:23u Scaniavriend1.22
21:43:19u Naxo1.21
21:43:10u Scaniavriend1.20
21:43:00u Naxo1.19
21:42:54u ijsbaanlief1.18
21:42:45u Naxo1.17

Ever thought of a Chef in Your Kitchen ?

Do you have a special occasion coming up that you want to make truly exceptional?

Whether you are after an intimate fine dining dinner party, or a sensational soiree, one of our experienced and talented team of private chefs will come into your home, or at your chosen venue and will deliver  you an unforgettable  gourmet experience.

Whatever the occasion, be it girls night in, birthday party, anniversary celebration, baby shower party, clients or staff entertainment, Christmas dinner, a wedding or engagement party… we pay attention to every little detail to make sure your event runs smoothly and you and your guests have a wonderful time. Your satisfaction is our business.

Of course, because we are party caterers, we are not just about the talented chef.   A complete successful party shouldn’t be short of the complete set. Our team of trained waiting on staff, flair bar tenders and if you really like it more exceptional for that special day, a butler can be at hand.