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Drill Gun Power Screwdriver

Retail price: €99.00


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Drill Gun Power Screwdriver
Retail price:
€ 99.00
15 seconden
Auction start:
2019-07-12 09:06:00
End of auction not later than:
2019-10-12 09:06:00
Shipping costs:
€ 8.00

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09:07:14u Krab48970.33
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09:06:53u Krab48970.31

Hey Screw! You looking at me Punk!?
Feel the power of the Drill Gun Power Screwdriver!

Introducing the Drill Gun! A fully rechargeable power screwdriver with 6 bits included! As Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor would say, the only thing your old cordless screwdriver is missing is “more power!” And that’s exactly what we have for you here. Because really, what’s more powerful than a gun?

Drilling just got a lot more fun for the tool man in your life!

The Drill Gun Power Screwdriver is an amazing power tool which is shaped like a revolver! That's right  Al Capone, time for you to get some house work done mafia style! It works just like a regular electric screwdriver, only now it’s backed by the power of a gun! Just put the size screw that you need in the barrel of the gun, aim, and shoot! The remaining drill bits can rest in the chambers until you need them!

This will make anyone feel like Tim "The Tool Man" Schwarzenegger!

Drill Gun Power Screwdriver is the perfect tool to add to your tool belt! The feel of this amazing power tool will make even the scrawniest of men feel like Schwarzenegger! The Drill Gun Power Screwdriver makes the perfect gift for guys or girls who like packing heat! So why don't you man up, buy the Drill Gun and unleash hell! Or at least fix the kitchen cabinet already.