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Pink V in Diamond

Retail price: €79.00


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Pink V in Diamond
Retail price:
€ 79.00
15 seconden
Auction start:
2019-07-11 22:44:00
End of auction not later than:
2019-10-11 22:44:00
Shipping costs:
€ 8.00

09:21:58u Greetje3.81
09:21:49u Fabriekstad3.80
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09:21:32u Fabriekstad3.78
09:21:25u Greetje3.77
09:21:15u Fabriekstad3.76
09:21:05u Greetje3.75
09:20:56u Fabriekstad3.74
09:20:47u Greetje3.73
09:20:43u Fabriekstad3.72

Pink V in Diamaond

Produced from blood orange, vodka and enhanced with a dash of liqueur, the Pink V brings a unique taste and more: a subtle sweetness matched with elegance to special moments.

Enhanced with 22 carat gold flakes, this flavoured sparkling vodka is a jewel delighting tables and hearts.

Giving a touch of elegance and light, the gold and pink colours of the Pink V at the time of tasting, transport you in a voluptuous and luxurious world, perfect for the feast of lovers.

Besides being an original gift, the Pink Vodka is also a fine accompaniment to a meal.

PINK V in Diamond

Enter a world of luxury with our diamond shape bottle filled up with flavoured vodka infused with edible 22 carat gold flakes.

Check out their website:  www.goldcuvee.be