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Swarovski Crystal 2004 Limited Edition Bull

Retail price: €3900.00


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Swarovski Crystal 2004 Limited Edition Bull
Retail price:
€ 3900.00
15 seconden
Auction start:
2019-06-11 22:00:00
End of auction not later than:
2019-09-11 22:00:00
Shipping costs:
€ 21.00

12:35:59u Schoolmeisje22.62
12:35:51u Grammeke22.61
12:35:40u Houtense22.60
12:35:36u Grammeke22.59
12:35:27u Kralen22.58
12:35:24u KoenHe22.57
12:35:12u Kralen22.56
12:35:02u KoenHe22.55
12:34:49u Kralen22.54
12:34:44u KoenHe22.53

Swarovski Crystal 2004 Limited Edition Bull.

Only 10,000 worldwide available.

SCS membership is required.

This piece has been described as MAGNIFICENT! 2004 Limited Edition Bull The Limited Edition is 10,000 units Globally    Designer: Adi Stocker

Size: 7 ¾h x 9 ½l x 5 ¾ w System #: 628483

Logo Placement: On the chest of the Bull below the front leg.

Special Characteristics: The body is fully faceted clear crystal with horns, ears, head, tail and legs being non-faceted clear crystal. The eyes are Garnet with Moroda Z effect. The solid, heavyweight and rounded triangular display has a smooth black finish and contains two mirrors, which support three legs of the Bull. The signature of the designer, Adi Stocker, is imprinted in white on the display. The Inspiration behind the Masterpiece: The designer , Adi Stocker, enthuses about his numerous trips to Andalusia in Southern Spain. It was particularly the bulls living in the wild, which made a great impression on him. His imagination was fired by the intriguing combination of pure energy, light-footed elegance and unruffled calm radiated by the animals in the midst of this magnificent landscape. The greatest challenge was to convey the bulls wild, untamed power and dynamic motion through the medium of sparkling crystal. We feel he has done just that, with the creation of The Bull.